What to do in Pärnu? Where to go in Pärnu?

Well, actually there is no need to go anywhere. You should come instead. Coming which involves hope, anticipation, expectation and passion is so much more positive as a concept than going which implies departure and leaving.

Passion as a reason to come is listed above for a very good reason. Milonga, in other words Argentinian tango night, is nothing less than passion. All you need in order to attend is the right mood and intention, the rest can be learnt during the evening. Argentinians say that everything should have ‘alma’ or spirit – music, a musical instrument, a dance. When there is the right spirit, nothing else matters.

There is a touch of passion in everything we do at the Cafe Grand. We have concerts, poetry nights, exhibitions. On 23 February 1940 an exhibition by three Pärnu artists was opened in the café: Konstantin Süvalo, Erich Leps and Ursus Tamm. The exhibition was tremendously successful, and who knows, might have a repeat one day. There is a strong tradition of art exhibitions in our café in its old town location, to mention a few exhibitors the names of Jüri Arrak, Olav Maran, Heli Tambur, Tauno Kangro, Tiina Ojaste and Corine Quet come to mind. When you add in the passionate mix of our five o’clock tea, dances to swing music, parlour games and many other themed events, and don’t forget the wine club, you’ll get a wonderful blend of activities. Therefore, you cannot go to Pärnu, you must really come here.

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