Graphics and painting exhibition "Who's who?" by Jüri Arrak

Café Grand Pärnu Jüri Arrak



Born on 24th October 1936 in Tallinn
1944 – 1951   -  studied at different schools around the country because of difficult after-war situation
1951 – 1955   -  Student of Tallinn Mining School
1955 – 1958   -  Served in Soviet army. Truck driver in Leningrad
1958 – 1960   -  Lived and worked in Leningrad as a draughtsman and taxi driver
1961 – 1966   -  studied at the Estonian State Art Instiute at Metalwork department
1967 – 1968   -  worked as an artist in the Tallinn Metal Product Factory
            1969   -  member of the Estonian Artist Association, since then a freelance artist
1972 – 1973   -  chairman of the graphics section of the Estonian Artist`s Association
1982 – 1987   -  chairman of the painting section of the Estonian Artist`s Association
            1992   -  member of the Estonian Painters Association
1996 – 1997   -  visiting Professor of Fine Arts at the University of Tartu
            2003   -  member of the European Academy of Sciences & Arts

Jüri Arrak has organized over 100 personal exhibitions in various countries, incl. USA, Canada, England, Germany, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania.

Prominent works

Altar for Halliste Church 1990
Design and altarpiece for the home chapel of the Estonian Institute of Theology 2000
Paintings for the wings of the organ of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre 2001
Paintings for the Estonian Concert Hall 1998


„President Lennart Meri“ 2007, „Andrus Ansip“ 2004, „Speaker of the Parliament Eiki Nestor“ 2014, „Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Märt Rask“ 2013, „Rector Peeter Tulviste“ 1995 „Mikk Mikiver“ 2007, „Composition with Neeme Järvi“ 1998, „Professor Juri Lotman“ 1994.


Estonian Art Museum; Tallinn Art Hall; Tartu Art Museum, Estonia
Museum of Modern Art, New York; Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, USA
New Orleans Art Museum. USA
Krakow National Museum. Krakow, Poland
Tretjakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia
Ludwig Art Museum.Cologne, Germany
Zimmerli Art Museum. Rutgers, New Yersey, USA
Randers Art Museum. Denmark
Museum of University of Western Sydney. Australia
Szepmüveszet Museum. Budapest, Hungary
New York Public Library. New York, USA
The White House. Washington, USA
Cremona Foundation. Mechanicsville, USA
Grinnell College. Grinnell, USA
Private collections in Estonia (Mart Lepp, Margus Punab, Jaan Manitski, Andres Eilart, Reigo Kuivjõgi, Kalle Laasberg, Sven Pertens, Pekka Erelt etc) and abroad.


1977   Annual Painting Prize of the Estonian Artists`Association
1985   Kreutzwald Memorial Medal
1986   Annual Painting Prize of the Estonian Artists`Association
1988   Meritorious of Estonian Soviet Republic
1990   Kristjan Raud Annual Award
1996   Annual Award of the Estonian National fund of Culture
1997   The Konrad Mägi Medal
1999   Included in the book A Hundred Great Persons of the Century (among ten artists)
2000   The Order of White Star, 2nd rank
2006   The Prize of Estonian Ministry of Culture
2007   The Honoured member of the Estonian Artist`s Association
2007   Lifetime Achievement Award of the Estonian National fund of Culture
2007   Third Class of the Cross of Merit of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church
2009   Gold Pin of the Estonian Ministry of Defence
2015   Tallinn Dome Congregation`s Medal of Mary and Cultural Award